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The VLIR-PIUC project is under the University Cooperation programme spearheaded by the Flemish Inter-University Council (VLIR). One of the specific objectives of this project identified by the University is the enhanced integration of information and communications technology (ICT) in instruction and research. To be able to realize such objective, there is a need to:
  • improve faculty skills in the use of ICT
  • improve quality of ICT resources
  • increase and support online research publications

Laboratory activities and experiments have been proven as an essential means for determining the effects of existing technologies and exploring new ways of improving existing technologies. Certain exploration and optimization activities for technologies like networking, multimedia, web page development, software engineering and simulation mostly requires flexibility. The iCTR Laboratory is a dedicated laboratory for such activities.

The iCTR laboratory is used by students, faculty, web developers and researchers, who are working on the incorporation of a networking or engineering approach and discipline for the generation of information and the promotion of the better use of information and resources.

The establishment of the iCTR Laboratory is cognizant to satisfying Information Technology standards, the improvement of faculty skills in the use of ICT for instruction and research, the improvement of the quality of ICT resources, the goal of publishing on electronic servers research outputs of SLU researchers, and to the CICS goal of producing competent IT graduates.

For ICT-related and other trainings scheduled on campus, please follow this link.
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